Recent Articles written by Pastor Dear in various publications:

From The REVIEW of the Independent Baptist Felowship of North America (IBFNA)

Have Churches Become Laboratories?

Accountability and Scrutiny vs Obscurity and Obfuscation

The Cult of Government

At Arms' Length

We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us

The Poison of Politics

Are We Baptists or Just Baptistic?

The Purpose Drivel Lurch

"Pastor, You could go to jail for what you just preached!"

Did You Miss Evolution Sunday?

Power to the People; Are We Abandoning Congregational Polity?

Babelog: An Open Letter to Younger Men in the Ministry

Dumpster Diving or Finding Value in Stopped Clocks

Postmodernism: Theology's Latest Black Hole

Pushing the Envelope

It Takes An Emergent Village

Take me to Your Leader

You Are What You Read When...

Hypocrisy Made Respectable

The High Cost of Friendship

The Last Outpost for Truth

The Culture Wars: Is There A Biblical Culture?

Circumstantial Evidence: How Much Is Enough?

The State of the Church

Beware of the Hirelings!

Signs of the Times

They're Having A Conservative Evangelical Barbecue!

Other editorials can be found in The REVIEW on the IBFNA website link above.

From the Keystone Baptist of the Pennsylvania Association of Regular Baptist Churches

Why I'm Glad I'm A Baptist!

The Weakest Link: Evangelicalism

Our Biggest Problem is Apathy... But Who Cares?

Baptist History Series: Outline Presented September 23-25, 2011, at Faith Baptist Church, Bradford PA
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